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The college journal of medical science hollis-002011333 4
Gaillard's medical journal and the American medical weekly hollis-002017105 4
Journal of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy hollis-000143948 6
Gaillard's medical journal hollis-002015948 8
Charles and William Wood arithmetic notebooks and other material, 1800-1848, bulk 1800-1803. hollis-012194238 7
The American journal of homoeopathy hollis-002010993 9
Scientific temperance journal hollis-000153557 8
Lectures of Reeve and Gould, 1808 hollis-002119902 7
The scalpel : a journal of health, adapted to popular and professional reading, and the exposure of quackery hollis-002012791 8
Proceedings of the American Medico-Psychological Association annual meeting hollis-002015039 27
Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England: From the Earliest Times Till the Reign of King George IV. hollis-002869888 0
Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association at the annual meeting hollis-002011019 5
Publications of the Massachusetts Medical Society hollis-002016448 3
The monthly journal of foreign medicine hollis-002016549 2
American quarterly of roentgenology hollis-002011631 4
Medical communications of the Massachusetts Medical Society hollis-002017024 20
Archives of physiological therapy hollis-002011107 4
The North American medico-chirurgical review hollis-002011702 5
The American medical monthly hollis-002021620 3
The American medical monthly and New York review hollis-002013163 2
Merck's bulletin hollis-002020289 5
Mathews' medical quarterly hollis-002020773 3
The archives of physiological therapy hollis-002011107 4
Quarterly homeopathic journal hollis-002020940 4
Journal of the National Medical Association hollis-000126270 5
The American medical monthly hollis-002017082 13
St. Louis clinical record : a monthly journal of medicine and surgery hollis-002021042 8
Dental times hollis-002011400 10
The Cleveland medical journal hollis-002011320 17
The New England journal of dentistry and allied sciences hollis-002015208 3
Tractatvs vniversi ivris, duce, & auspice Gregorio XIII in vnum congesti: additis qvamplvrimis antea nunquam editis, hac nota designatis: XVIII. materias, XXV. voluminibus comprehendentes. Praeter svmmaria singvlorvm tractatvvm, accessere locupletissimi indices hollis-003538696 29
The Maryland and Virginia medical journal hollis-002022513 3
Weekly medical review hollis-002013274 17
The San Francisco medical press hollis-002022515 5
The eclectic journal of medicine hollis-002011437 4
The American medical intelligencer hollis-002015883 5
The sanitary news : healthy homes and healthy living : a weekly journal of sanitary science hollis-002012787 8
The dental news letter : a quarterly publication devoted to the interests of the dental profession hollis-002011393 2
Evergreen Review. hollis-001538561 35
[Collection of early English registers of writs, in manuscript], ca. 1275-1476. hollis-014294537 19
The American journal of homoeopathy hollis-002010993 9
The Western medico-chirurgical journal hollis-002016554 2
The journal of mental pathology hollis-002011812 8
North American archives of medical and surgical science hollis-002012651 2
Lectures of James Gould, ca. 1810 hollis-002119917 7
The New England medical gazette : a monthly journal of homoeopathic medicine, surgery, and the collateral sciences hollis-002011735 53
The eclectic repertory and analytical review : medical and philosophical hollis-002016116 11
Correction hollis-002213087 9
Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England: From the Earliest Times Till the Reign of King George IV. hollis-002869888 10
The journal of health hollis-002016118 4
The peninsular and independent medical journal hollis-002014365 2
Boston Thomsonian manual and lady's companion hollis-004117535 2
Mother and child hollis-002485211 3
The journal of the Gynaecological Society of Boston : a monthly journal devoted to the advancement of the knowledge of the diseases of women hollis-004182075 7
New-York medical and philosophical journal and review hollis-002014535 3
The Transylvania journal of medicine, and the associate sciences hollis-002014768 2
The peninsular journal of medicine and the collateral sciences hollis-002011968 5
The Medical world hollis-004190601 2
The American specialist hollis-004000917 3
Annual report of the Fiscal Department for the fiscal year hollis-005396553 12
Junior League magazine hollis-013697111 48
The Western journal of medicine and surgery hollis-002012115 2
Satirix: la revue qu'on ne jette pas. hollis-013786278 23
Michigan medical news hollis-002011805 5
Annual Legal Bibliography hollis-000648550 21
The New-York dissector : quarterly journal of medicine, surgery, magnetism, mesmerism and the collateral sciences with the mysteries and fallacies of the faculty hollis-002012079 4
Proceedings of the Medical Society of the County of Kings hollis-002011908 7
New York journal of pharmacy hollis-004191166 3
The Maryland medical and surgical journal hollis-002012511 3
The lens hollis-002012475 2
Medical magazine hollis-002012531 3
Labor agreements file by industry (U.S. and non-U.S.) hollis-008889298 15
Junior League bulletin (1911-1914) hollis-013696902 4
Junior League bulletin (1917-1927) hollis-013697016 11
The medical reporter : a quarterly journal hollis-004191188 3
The north-western journal of homoeopathia hollis-004194781 2
The New York dental journal hollis-004193732 5
Northern lancet and gazette of legal medicine hollis-004197967 2
Scientific temperance journal hollis-000153557 8
Junior League national bulletin hollis-013696939 4
Junior League review hollis-002490122 20
Transactions of the Medical Society of the County of Albany hollis-002012538 2
News from Mautner Project hollis-013341693 101
Détective hollis-013504235 51
The New York Law of Negligence hollis-003196264 3
Notes of lectures by Tapping Reeve and James Gould on bailments, evidence, private wrongs, and forms of declarations. ca. 1815 hollis-002168958 6
Annual Bulletin, Comparative Law Bureau of the American Bar Association. hollis-000398190 7
Unemployment Compensation Interpretation Service. Benefit Series. hollis-002752045 150
The Massachusetts eclectic medical journal hollis-004290329 5
Report of the Administrator of the Refugee Relief Act of 1953 hollis-6505710 5
The statutory record of the unconsolidated laws being special, private and local statutes of the State of New York [1778-1929] / Compiled under the direction of Adolph J. Rodenbeck. hollis-003471414 5
Mathews' quarterly journal of rectal and gastro-intestinal diseases hollis-002011766 2
Banking Law Journal Digest hollis-000115058 6
Documents pour servir à l'histoire du droit des gens hollis-005668188 6
Compilation of laws on the legal status of aliens hollis-006613605 9
The medical union : a monthly journal of medicine, surgery, and the collateral sciences hollis-002012543 2
Recopilacion de leyes, decretos, bandos, reglamentos, circulares y providencias de los supremos poderes y otras autoridades de la Republica Mexicana / Formada de orden del supremo gobierno por el Lic. Basilio Jose Arrillaga ... hollis-004066403 17
Lectures of Reeve and Gould, ca. 1818 hollis-002139405 9
Medico-legal bulletin hollis-002012547 4
Annual report of the Fiscal Representative for the fiscal year hollis-005938280 7
The New York Law of Negligence hollis-3196264 3
Proceedings / Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space. hollis-000115861 19
Proceedings of the annual Congress of the American Prison Association hollis-001787337 19
Letters Written by Oliver Wendell Holmes to Lady Clare Castletown, 1896-1926 hollis-0013124263 7
Photographic review of medicine and surgery : a bi-monthly illustration of interesting cases, accompanied by notes hollis-005659577 2
Bulletin of the Massachusetts Commission on Mental Diseases hollis-004397257 3
The Emporium of arts & sciences hollis-005454411 2
Archives of electrology and neurology : a journal of therapeutics and nervous diseases hollis-005857733 2
Southern medical reports : consisting of general and special reports, on the medical topography, meteorology, and prevalent diseases, in the following states: Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas hollis-006278545 2
Bulletin of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Diseases hollis-005611393 2
Annual Examinations in Law, 1971-1995 hollis-000421791 24
Annual Bulletin / Comparative Law Bureau of the American Bar Association. hollis-000398190 6
Annual Examinations, 1871-1971 hollis-004169924 101
[Harvard Map Collection Shelflist] hollis-013396766 48
Ocean Navigation Reports hollis-005400783 30
The Water-cure journal, and herald of reforms, devoted to physiology, hydropathy and the laws of life hollis-011473391 10
The moral reformer and teacher on the human constitution hollis-006751677 2
Election Law Guidebook hollis-005525547 6
Brain and brawn hollis-013354572 4
Bulletin Officiel du Département de la Justice hollis-002712492 9
The review of insanity and nervous diseases : a quarterly compendium of the current literature of neurology and psychiatry hollis-002012746 3
The New England journal of medicine and surgery hollis-002012627 15
Philippine Treaty Series hollis-000116835 8
Jurisprudence Générale hollis-006134368 7
Week end hollis-014030630 31
Medical communications of the Massachusetts Medical Society hollis-002017024 20
Medical dissertations : delivered at the annual meetings of the Massachusetts Medical Society hollis-002017026 2
The Richmond medical journal hollis-002017102 4
The medical press of western New York hollis-002020326 4
The Boston medical intelligencer hollis-002018539 5
Illinois and Indiana medical and surgical journal hollis-002019989 2
The New Jersey medical reporter hollis-002017867 7
The American medical review, and journal of original and selected papers in medicine and surgery hollis-002018834 2
The medical independent and monthly review hollis-002020679 2
Chicago medical review hollis-002018413 7
The Richmond and Louisville medical journal hollis-002017103 24
The Humboldt medical archives hollis-002019968 2
The monthly medical news hollis-002020287 2
The medical independent and monthly review hollis-002020679 2
The medical chronicle hollis-002020343 3
American medical and philosophical register, or, Annals of medicine, natural history, agriculture and the arts hollis-002020484 4
The Sacramento medical times hollis-002021045 2
The American medical monthly and New York review hollis-002013163 2
Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association at the annual meeting hollis-002011019 5
Transactions of the Massachusetts Medico-Legal Society hollis-002021706 3
Progress : a monthly magazine for students and practititioners of medicine hollis-002020894 3
The Iowa state medical reporter hollis-002021730 4
Journal of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy hollis-000143948 6
The New England botanic medical and surgical journal hollis-002021742 4
The R.I. medical science monthly : a monthly review of reform and progress in the medical sciences hollis-002021849 2
V hollis-014202628 16
New preparations hollis-002013198 3
Eugenical news hollis-002011480 7
Lectures of James Gould, 1814 hollis-002198233 9
Transactions of the Gynaecological Society of Boston hollis-004340568 2
The proceedings of the Charaka Club hollis-004298804 5
Thomsonian manual, or, Advocate of the principles which govern the Thomsonian system of medical practice hollis-004332083 4
Je sais tout hollis-005360805 16
The school physiology journal hollis-004368091 8
Transactions of the Western Surgical Association hollis-004347277 12
Buchanan's journal of man hollis-004382734 3
The sanitary inspector hollis-004354712 15
The Western and southern medical recorder hollis-004357189 2
Tratados, convenciones y acuerdos internacionales vigentes en El Salvador ... hollis-000513934 8
Tratados y Convenios Internacionales Suscritos por el Uruguay en el Periodo Mayo de 1830 a Febrero de 1960 República Oriental del Uruguay, Secretaria del Senado, Oficina Asesora hollis-5467689 4
A Taxpayer's Guide to Federal Spending: a concise guide to the budget of the United States government hollis-008361285 6
The Philippine Yearbook of International Law hollis-000116101 15
Les bactéries et leur role dans l'étiologie, l'anatomie et l'histologie pathologiques des maladies infectieuses / par A.-V. Cornil [et] V. Babes. hollis-001368600 2
Photographs of surgical cases and specimens / prepared by direction of the Surgeon General by George A. Otis. hollis-006549120 6
Justice of the peace docket books, 1769-1808. hollis-012015121 23
Docket books and fee book, 1791-1806 hollis-012136502 8
Records, 1790-1805. hollis-002200306 11
Town law journals from Concord, Mass., 1798-1839. hollis-001681629 7
The American journal of neurology and psychiatry hollis-002016563 3
Justice Quarterly JQ / Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. hollis-000453993 5
Notes of proceedings and cases determined in the high court of errors and appeals, the court of chancery, and the orphans court of the state of Delaware, 1792-1832. hollis-002167351 9
Collecção dos Tratados, Convenções, Contratos e Actos Publicos Celebrados Entre a Coroa de Portugal e as Mais Potencias desde 1640 até ao Presente hollis-003481867 8
Anexos á la Memoria Presentada por el Señor Ministro Eduardo Diez de Medina Tratados Vigentes. 1825-1925 hollis-5549175 3
Glossae Revista de Historia del Derecho Europeo hollis-002436266 6
Trattati, Convenzioni e Accordi Relativi all'Africa hollis-005541768 4
Plexus: la revue qui decomplexe. hollis-005875046 37
Harvard Law Bulletin hollis-000625774 248
Harvard Law School Bulletin hollis-000131690 248
Votre destin : l'hebdomadaire de l'occultisme. hollis-014271423 23
Détective hollis-014121767 43
Harvard Law School Record hollis-001567174 1170
Harvard Law Record hollis-000116790 1170
Davis alternatiuli gadacqveta celicdeuli [Alternative dispute resolution yearbook] hollis-014714029 3
The medical annals : a journal of the Medical Society of the County of Albany hollis-002013211 5
Charlotte Perkins Gilman Papers hollis-011883223 3
Vermont medical monthly hollis-002016550 20
American journal of ophthalmology hollis-000127953 27
Rhode Island medicine hollis-002476244 6
The American journal of otology :quarterly journal of physiological acoustics and aural surgery. hollis-002016996 4
American journal of syphilography and dermatology hollis-002010999 5
Journal of the Connecticut State Medical Society hollis-004177297 3
Albany medical annals hollis-002013233 38
Journal of the Iowa Medical Society hollis-014807250 23
American journal of urology and sexology hollis-002013062 6
American medical digest hollis-002011011 8
Virginia medical monthly hollis-000141550 22
American medical times hollis-002011013 6
The American physician hollis-004373765 7
The American gynaecological and obstetrical journal hollis-002010984 15
American annals of the deaf and dumb hollis-014339381 11
[Collection of manuscript Magna Cartas and early English statutes], ca. 1300-1577. hollis-014294028 54
American eclectic medical review hollis-002015221 6
Journal of the Iowa Medical Society hollis-014807250 23
The American homoeopathist hollis-002018789 16
American homoeopath hollis-002018223 5
American homoeopathist (1877) hollis-002013607 2
The Pennsylvania medical journal hollis-002015658 25
The American practitioner : a monthly journal of medicine and surgery (Louisville, Ky.) hollis-004000894 31
American journal of dental science hollis-002015116 4
American therapist hollis-002018171 12
American practitioner and news hollis-002011904 26
American practitioner (New York, N.Y.) hollis-002018249 4
North Carolina medical journal hollis-009906334 109
Legal works of the Russian S.F.S.R. in the Harvard Law School Library. hollis-014853122 156
American X-ray Journal hollis-002015065 7
The annals of hygiene hollis-004384698 12
Journal of the State Medical Society of Arkansas hollis-010532798 2
Journal of Law hollis-014607520 10
The Atlantic medical journal hollis-002012179 6
Saertʻašoriso samartʻlis žurnali = Journal of international law hollis-014607493 7
I͡Uzhnokavkazskiĭ i͡uridicheskiĭ zhurnal = South Caucasus Law Journal hollis-014607496 6
The Carolina medical journal hollis-002016415 11
The American journal of insanity hollis-000127944 50
The Journal of the Kentucky State Medical Association hollis-014779444 13
Vermont medicine hollis-004353224 3
Journal of the Minnesota State Medical Association and Northwestern lancet hollis-002013200 7
Hawaii medical journal hollis-010541035 6
Delaware state medical journal : official organ of the Delaware State Medical Society hollis-010551613 7
Maine medical journal hollis-000135489 9
North Carolina medical journal hollis-002012226 41
The Woman's Journal and Woman's Journal and Suffrage News hollis-002490378 49
The Journal of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama hollis-000126962 52
Laws of New Hampshire, Including Public and Private Acts and Resolves and the Royal Commissions and Instructions, with Historical and Descriptive Notes, and an Appendix hollis-002387911 6
Collection of medieval and early manuscripts at Harvard Law School Library, ca. 1150-1600. hollis-014684319 156
The annual report of the Boston Lying-in Hospital for the year … hollis-002021780 93
The American journal of the medical sciences hollis-000127970 156
The Journal of the National Malaria Society hollis-002012604 36
The dental review : devoted to the advancement of dentistry hollis-002011399 32
Harvard medical alumni bulletin hollis-000143253 326
Alienist and neurologist : a quarterly journal of scientific, clinical and forensic psychiatry and neurology hollis-002010953 38
Journal of the Massachusetts Association of Boards of Health hollis-004185641 11
Buffalo medical and surgical journal hollis-002018800 33